What are EMI waves?

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“Electromagnetic waves” are waves that are created as a result of the interaction between an electric field and a magnetic field and that move through the air. The way they move can be compared to the wave movement of the sea. Our living space is full of all types of invisible electromagnetic waves, the existence of which we are never aware of.

In Taiwan, the awareness of and protection against electromagnetic interference is gradually receiving attention, and although Taiwan has not yet introduced strict measures for the control of electromagnetic interference caused by electronic products, electromagnetic interference related implementations by American and European governments and the widespread use of digital products mean that also in Taiwan swift demands must be set on electromagnetic interference.

According to an article in the Scientific American (magazine), electromagnetic waves of over 60Hz are harmful to the human DNA structure.

Note: microwave oven: 2450MHz, mobile phone: 700-1900MHz, computer: 300-450MHz)

The harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body includes:

  • increased risk of leukemia
  • reduced immunity
  • infertility, miscarriage and fetal deformities
  • brain tumors, breast cancer, headaches, arrhythmia, disrupted melatonin secretion, dementia
  • Only certified and guaranteed products provide EMI protection.