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This ATX / PS2 power supply unit (PSU) has a real power rating of 300W (continuous). The eco-friendly design allows GMN series to reach up to 86% efficiency. GMN series also protects your PC by providing complete protection (OVP/UVP, OCP, OPP and SCP). GMN series does the job efficiently and reliably, making it a stable power supply unit built to satisfy the demands of users looking for high efficiency and energy conscious system builders.

The 80 PLUS® Bronze requirement also meets the Energy Star Version 6.1 Power Supply and Power Management Requirements for Computers: Effective September 10th, 2014.


  • 80 PLUS® Bronze certified (115V)
  • Full Range & Active PFC
  • ATX 12V v2.4
  • Low noise (<32.1dB)
  • Low ripple & noise
  • OVP/UVP, OCP, OPP & SCP protection
80plus_bronze_2 2_year_warranty energy_star_icon erp_eup_2013 rohs


Output Table
AC Input 99~265V, 4~2A, 47~63Hz
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5Vsb
Max Output Current 21A 18A 11A 10A 0.3A 2.5A
Max Combined Power 103W 252W (21A) 18.5W
Total Power 300W
Peak Power 350W


Dimension Depth Width Height
(mm) 140 150 86


PSU Load
20% 50% 100%
Efficiency 83.08% 86.52% 85.07%


connector_-_atx_24pin connector_-_atx_20_4pin
1x ATX 12V 24 Pin ATX 12V 20+4 Pin


connector_-_cpu_8pin connector_-_cpu_4_4pin connector_-_cpu_4pin
CPU 8 Pin CPU 4+4 Pin 1x CPU 4 Pin


connector_-_pci-e_6_2pin connector_-_pci-e_6pin
PCI-E 2.0 6+2 (8) Pin 1x PCI-E 2.0 6 Pin


connector_-_sata connector_-_molex_4pin connector_-_floppy_4pin connector_-_fan_2pin
3x S-ATA 2x Molex 4 Pin 1x Floppy 4 Pin Fan 2 Pin