FSP Fortron/Source was established in 1995 as a small sales office in Germany. This quickly evolved into a full-size company, with a logistic center supplying the whole of Europe. To provide extra customer support there is also a service department equipped with the latest high-tech facilities to test and analyze power supplies. Now, more than 30 people are involved in the day to day operations of FSP Europe: technicians, marketing, sales and shipping employees work together to bring the latest products from FSP Taiwan to our European clients.

A huge warehouse with all the power supplies you might need: whether you’re looking for the latest high-end PSU for your new gaming computer, a slim adapter for a new laptop or a power supply for medical environments, we have something in stock for you. If you need a special-tailored solution for a big project, FSP will help you to build, test and certify your PSU and bring it from the design board into reality.

fsp_group_building_logoQuality is our top priority: the high standards of quality that FSP sets for its products are unrivaled by anyone else in the power supply market. All components are carefully examined before entering the production line, and several checkpoints along the production chain ensure that any possible defects can be solved immediately. Once the finished product is ready, all produced units go through the tough Burn-In process, where they work at 100% load for at least 24 hours continuously. This way we can ensure that only the best units arrive in the hands of our customers.

Driven by performance: nobody else has as many 80 PLUS certifications as FSP. The increased energy efficiency of FSP power supply units has reduced the electricity bill of our customers, saving them money and at the same time protecting the environment. Highly efficient PSUs have many other advantages: the reduced heat dissipation translates into a longer life for the components, and the lower operating temperature allows us to have more silent, slower rotating fans. As we move forward with 80 PLUS Gold and Platinum, all these advantages will become even more noticeable.

We don’t just manufacture power supplies: we love them. That’s why we sponsor and support overclocking events and gaming competitions, bringing enthusiasts together, discussing the latest hardware and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with today’s technology. All this feedback goes immediately into the design labs where we create the products of tomorrow. The latest example of this is our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) range, starting with small, power-saving models and going all the way up to 10.000VA Online UPS for server and industrial equipment, including some units designed specifically for gaming computers.

Looking to the future: as energy efficiency requirements expand to new sectors, FSP brings its expertise to help our partners in new fields like LED lighting. We are much more than a power supply company: FSP has over 400 passionate and experienced engineers who work to bring new ideas to life, and you can feel their signature in each of our products.